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Message to Med Schools

We Offer Elective Rotations, USMLE / Shelf Tutoring for your students. PLUS Scholarships for Qualified Students.

Message to Med Schools

Dear Medical Schools:


USMCP provides opportunities for US Clinical Experience that improves an applicant’s candidacy for residency in US hospitals. It is our goal to not only bring you meaningful learning experiences, but to also help you in the process of becoming respected physicians in your fields. We help IMGs and medical students obtain rotations/externships/observerships with exceptional preceptors who are affiliated with ACGME hospitals. 

With the openings of new US medical schools we  began to see international medical students struggling to find quality rotations as the spots are scarce. We not only promise in connecting your students with the best doctors to mentor them but the chance for them to be able to rotate at hospitals that provide an opportunity for auditioning for a possibility of securing a residency. Our preceptors also commit to giving students an opportunity to secure letters of recommendation at the conclusion of their experience to those who distinguish themselves during their clerkships.




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