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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing


Affordable Housing

New York City is America's largest metro area, home to nearly 21 million people speaking more than 200 languages. It's a place written about in songs, it has served as the backdrop for countless movies and it's inspired people worldwide with its grandiosity. Brimming with some of the nation's tallest buildings and historic landmarks, New York City is never short on spectacle. For centuries, New York City has been a leader in trade and culture, redefining everything from fashion trends to what a proper bagel should taste like.

The metro area is a place of opportunity, which is why – despite the crowds and costs – people keep coming. Some of the world's best theaters, restaurants, museums, parks and cultural activities can be found here. NYC's communities are as diverse as its people, from Greenwich Village in downtown to Harlem in uptown.Beyond Manhattan, the city is comprised of 4 additional boroughs: Queens, which has a long history of fabulous immigrant food; Brooklyn and its thriving literary and arts scene; the Bronx and its abundant green space and wildlife; and Staten Island with its lovely coastline.


The City That Never Sleeps

New York City is known for its fast-paced, around-the-clock lifestyle, which may be overwhelming for newcomers. Known as "the city that never sleeps," this relentless metropolis draws those seeking to advance their careers and push their limits. People come to New York City to pursue their dreams, achieve a better life and test the adage "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.You learn to appreciate conveniences. In NYC, you do not have to do your own laundry, or go to the supermarket, or own a car. You can drop your clothes off and have food delivered and call Uber with a click of a button. The subway runs all night and goes everywhere. You start to focus your time on the most important things in your life, and outsource convenience for everything else.

Our Promise

Affordable housing is an ongoing problem in New York City, with one-bedroom apartments renting for several thousand dollars a month. Housing costs have also risen in the other boroughs – especially Brooklyn, where recent gentrification has led to a booming arts, cultural and foodie scene. It is our promise here at USMCP to get you affordable housing that is near to your clinical rotation site. We will work endlessly with our real estate agents, landlords, and contacts to give you the best possible living condition that will have you feeling right at home. Our students get special discounted rent prices due to our great partnership deals and reputation that USMCP has throughout NYC.


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