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 We here are USMCP pride ourselves in three areas:

  1. Quality rotations: All of our doctors have their own established clinics and are affiliated with teaching hospitals. Your hospital experience will be based on their hospital patient load. You can rest assure that there isn’t any downtime on any rotation!
  2. Exceptional Preceptors: Learning from Board Certified physicians who are respected by their colleagues and patients. All our preceptors have interest in academics so with a passion for teaching you are sure to be an active member on the medical team. Our preceptors are also those who lead ongoing research projects which gives you the opportunity of receiving publications for your contributions! 
  3.  Affordable costs: We understand the financial burden of being a medical student. We are a company that does not prey on students. We are the most affordable medical clerkship program with the best value. In a city that holds a large percentage of residency positions, who wouldn't want an opportunity to get clinical experience here and build your network!


Medical School Electives



Please Email us with your observership of choice. 

Schools and Students are encouraged to contact USMCP to ask of how they can get involved. We offer special prices.



Per Course

Specialties include:

  1. Cardiology

  2. Heme/Onc

  3. Pulmonary

  4. Gastroenterology

  5. Dermatology


High Yield CS Course.

A 3 day course focusing on HY materials you need to know to PASS the USMLE CS EXAM.

Each observership is minimum 4 weeks in length

Each USMLE CS Course is 3 Days in Length





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